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The Barrister Bed & Breakfast

There’s something special about the Barrister mansion.  Maybe it’s the sound of laughter in the parlor and scent of lilacs filling the veranda.  Maybe it’s finding things cozy and comfy in a high Victorian setting. 

     You may find the ‘special’ in our evening tradition of wine & hors d’oeuvres.  And it’s definitely a delight to use this big, rambling house as your own. You can even take over the kitchen to cook up your favorites and dine in if you’d like.

    In the parlor you can listen to the lovely sound of a baby grand or strike the chords yourself.  If you’re a strummer, a guitar sits nearby.  Singing, humming and whistling are encouraged.  We only ask that kazoos be left in the car and your canine traveling companion brought in.

     Here you have a front row seat to view one of our nation’s grandest cathedrals.  Just a short stroll away is Last Chance Gulch, the quaint heart and soul of Helena. 

    These are just some of the things that are special about the Barrister.  The rest, we leave for you to discover.

Contact us for reservations (406)443-7330

416 N. Ewing St.

Helena, Mt 59601

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